Practice of Chinese Medicine

Practiced for thousands of years, Classical Chinese Medicine is grounded in the principles of harmony and balance. At its core is the understanding that everything in existence is made up of Qi, which can be broadly translated as energy. This is a concept that is at the center of modern day physics as well. From a Chinese Medical perspective this Qi goes to all areas of the body. In fact the influence of this Qi moves in very specific ways, with specific relationships. As well as these “lines” of travel called meridians, every organ and every system in our body is affected by this Qi. Illness, disease and pain occur when this Qi is blocked or becomes imbalanced by internal or external causes.

One of the main principles in Chinese Medicine is to maintain a balance and harmony of one’s Qi in order to maintain wellness.

Lifestyle and diet are two of the main ways a person can keep the body’s flow of Qi balanced and harmonious. However, the conditions of a person’s life do not always support a balanced lifestyle and diet. External and internal stresses can cause Qi to slow and stagnate or diminish in one area or become excessive in another. This disruption of the even flow of Qi is the foundation of disease and pain.

When one gets out of balance then assistance might be required to return to a more harmonious state. “Techniques” or practices such as Tai Chi or Qi Gong, Meditation and Prayer, Therapeutic Massage, Herbal Prescriptions, and Acupuncture can all be useful in assisting the body’s own healing mechanisms.

Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts

Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts is dedicated to the Classical teachings of Chinese Medicine. There is an emphasis on classical Chinese literature and personal cultivation, following closely the teachings from the lineage of Jeffrey Yuen. Jeffrey Yuen is an 88th generation priest from the Jade Purity Tradition of Daoism. The school’s courses include medical teachings and techniques rooted in the classics of Chinese medicine history, dating back several thousand years.